Our Fence Lines



Quality Fence has two different fence programs catered to a large user as well as a small user.

If you are a fabricator and have a CNC routing machine this program is for you. This program consists of bundle quantities at an extreme savings.

If you are a small user and do not have the ability to route your own posts, Quality offers a KD (knock-down) program. We sell you by the section along with your accessories; hinges, latches, and caps. In addtion to the regular solid privacy style, we have numerous styles in stock and ready for immediate pick up.

Small User

What makes us different? 

  1. We extrude… that’s all we do.  We want to be your supplier, not your competitor.
  2. We deliver on our own fleet.  No delivery charges on orders in excess of $2500.  Small quantities… no problem.  You do not have to bring in more inventory than you need.
  3. Most of the substrate we use on fencing comes from our fenestration products.  We have recycling programs in place with our window and door customers.  The end result is a higher quality fence profile.
  4. Our core business, fenestration products, covers the majority of our overhead.  This enables us to provide extremely competitive pricing on our fence profiles.
  5. We are a family-owned business than still adheres to the time test philosophy of treating our customers as family.  If you built your business on a foundation of responsive, personalized service, and are looking for a supply partner with the same core values, Quality Lineals USA will exceed your expectations.